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“She still isn’t responding to treatment.”

A white dragoness lay bare, a barely fleshy mass laid out upon a wheeled, metal framework. Her lungs expanded in shallow breaths, as her eyes flicked around the room, focusing upon the two disgusting humanoids in her presence, making their guttural mouth sounds and waving their hands…

“It’s a wonder she can even breathe normally, after the respirators were shut down.”

Her mind clicked within her prone form, immensely intelligent, unwilling to cooperate with her idiot human captors. Unwilling to give them any sort of control over her, willing her muscles to stay useless. She would’ve ripped them to shreds were her body able, but even then it wouldn’t have been enough to satisfy her…

“This has to be done. ET002 didn’t recover either. Not without the use of T001. This has to be done.”

A warm, five-fingered palm pressed upon her arched abdomen as both sets of eyes turned upon her, insulting her, raping her with unnecessary gaze and touch…

“02 has gotten particularly vicious recently. 003 is a considerable asset that I’m not so sure we should take any risk, for fear of losing.. but, then again. We will lose her if something is not done..”

Working against the living coffin of her body, she let a low, raspy growl rattle from her overly tightened vocal chords as the framework that supported her was wheeled from the room, her upon it. Eyes working fervently in their sockets, she tried to gauge where the beasts were taking her now, unable raise her head.

“Inform Hodge, have him take 002 to the knoll. I think it will either be all or nothing.”

Smooth metal flooring gave way to gravel, fake, indoor lightning gave way to the brilliant noonday sun, and peace was unceremoniously taken away from the dragoness as she was dumped upon the ground. Hands adjusted her to a laying position, a quick assessment that she could breathe, and they were away. Drool seeped from her lips, as her eyes fluttered about, noting this was actually a sort of enclosure, metal bars high above her head giving the entire place the appearance of a bird cage.

“Let him go! Back up! Back up!”

A clamor from her left side didn’t worry her at all, the rattle of thick chains, a distant pounding of feet upon the soft earth she felt in her jaws. A loud snort came from the nostrils of something large, and far above her. Thick black forelimbs filled her vision, gorgeous, smooth scales texturing their surface. Her eyes strained in their sockets, wanting more input, wanting to see the rest of the creature that loomed somewhere above her.

< Hm. Pathetic. >

  What surely should have been offense was over-ridden by sweet bliss! Her own language! She had grown so tired of the endless burbling, spitling of humans, she could hardly remember what words sounded like.

A heavy limb shoved her roughly onto her side, a few distant gasps indicating it was a harder shove than she felt. A wedge shaped head filled her view, golden irises set in onyx filling her vision.

She struggled for words, unsure of what to think, what to ask, this other of her kind. An acrid smell reached her nostrils, identifying the other dragon as an individual near her age, and distinctly male. Struggling, her throat clenched, she managed only one word, a bare whisper:  < Name..? >

< I don’t owe you such a pleasure, you disposable piece of shit. Why don’t you get up? You’re a disgrace. >

The rough kick he gave her in the ribs hurt her far worse than his words, those only issuing a challenge that she was more than willing to accept. Bile rose in her throat, energy beginning to surge through her as her five chambered heart went to work, vigorously pumping viscous blood through her veins.

Blatantly ignoring the worried talking from the other end of the paddock, her mind focused into a steely ball of energy. She would not be denied that which she wished to know, and the black dragon would tell her his name. Slowly drug along the grass, first one foot, and then the other found their ways underneath her, a paramount activity of sheer willpower, muscles screaming in pain.

Conical teeth met the back of her neck, puncturing the tender flesh as she was tugged sharply upwards, feet coming under her, standing as she once did, though her head drooped low, her energy reserves quickly draining…

<Your. Name.> She repeated, eyes cast at the ground, limbs shaking in defiance of gravity, though her concentration was so close to breaking, body unable to completely overcome the limits of atrophy just yet.

A soft, approving growl accompanied his answer. <Trygon. My name is Trygon.>


It was hard to believe everything that had conspired, and even as raindrops began hitting his shoulders, flowing down his scales, he refused to budge. Refused to leave her.

He wouldn’t, couldn’t look her in her eyes ever again, thick, ropey muscled arms cradling her ever so gently, a mere child in the arms of an adult. Her head had come to rest in the crook of his arm, just below the elbow, the rest of her slight body wrapped around his knees. Her wings still looked beautiful, though the fingers had trailed in dirt, the last bit of blue fading from away as her blood drained onto the ground, mixing in the muddy pool in which he kneeled.

Mouth slightly ajar, the scent of her breathe slowly wafted up to his nostrils, taking a deep breathe, trying to forever immortalize the odor of stale fruit in his brain.

The rain was coming down harder now, he could’ve easily shielded them both from the pour, could’ve stretched a wing out and kept them dry, but that’s not what she would’ve wanted. She was always one for doing things the hard way, for tolerating that which needn’t be tolerated.   

He chanced a gaze at her tail, as though she would come back alive and tear him to peaces for doing so. She had always looked so fragile, but was always immortal, strength when there was none, resilience when all was lost, and might in a small frame. Phantom life still twittered through her body, eyes dancing beneath her closed eyelids.

And yet he stayed, water streaming down his muzzle, dripping onto the lifeless body he hugged closer yet, eyes drifting away to the distant treeline…

Two very different, short stories voicing my own fantastic interactions between Silerenth/Trygon. Nothing serious, nothing real, just some pre-sleep musings.

Trygon <c> :iconren-ka:
Silerenth <c> :iconsilerenth:
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LoverOfWolves Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2008
This made me cry D'=
Silerenth Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
DJNecrogami Featured By Owner May 3, 2008
Not bad .. a fun read.
Ren-ka Featured By Owner May 3, 2008
*hums* The best way to get her to do what you want is to make it the most immediatly objectionable path, don't you think?
MyraMidnight Featured By Owner May 3, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is curiously interesting
Darkfaerie5 Featured By Owner May 2, 2008 seems so sad. She didn't die did she?! O:
Silerenth Featured By Owner May 3, 2008
she did.
Darkfaerie5 Featured By Owner May 3, 2008
Aww..that makes me so sad.. :(
I didn't even even know that much, but I liked her..
Silerenth Featured By Owner May 4, 2008
hehe. =p she's really not that likeable, promise.
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